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Saskatchewan Heat NRL

The National Ringette League is back in Saskatchewan after ten long years of absence.  The re-launch of Saskatchewan’s NRL team is a very exciting time for our associations, athletes, families and fans of the fastest game on ice.  The re-launch is creating opportunities for our athletes present and future for national recognition and a platform to perform at the highest level our sport has to offer.


The Saskatchewan Heat was established in September 2021, however preparation to bring this franchise to light began months before.  Thanks to the hard work and collaboration of Ringette Saskatchewan, Ringette Canada and a committee of members from our local associations, The Saskatchewan Heat became a reality.


The Saskatchewan Heat is comprised of athletes from Saskatoon/Warman and surrounding area, Regina/Buffalo Plains and surrounding area as well as athletes from British Columbia.  All of these incredible athletes have high performance ringette experience through their respective association’s AA programs as well as many of them competing in the 2015 and 2019 Canada Winter Games.  The re-launch of NRL in Saskatchewan has sparked that high performance stream for these athletes again and given them that next level of competition that has been missed as well as allowed them all to live out their dream of playing in the NRL.  A special mention for The Sask. Heat is Mel Brockman, a veteran member who brings with her Team Canada experience as well as being a member of Saskatchewan’s past NRL team The Wild.  Having Mel a part of this re-launch is very special for her, but also our franchise and an inspiration to our current and future athletes.  


On behalf of the coaching and management staff of The Saskatchewan Heat we give thanks to all of our athletes, their families, local businesses, the associations and the incredible fans of our sport for all the support given.  The success of this franchise is not possible without everyone involved.  The Saskatchewan Heat is looking forward to growing within the prestigious NRL platform, legitimizing our franchise and striving towards being a top contender in this league.


Thank you all,


Colleen Butz-Purdue

Saskatchewan Heat

Head Coach

About the National Ringette League

The National Ringette League (NRL) is a high-performance training and competition program conducted and administered by Ringette Canada. It is the showcase league for the highest level of ringette in Canada and strives to be the premiere women’s sport league in the country.


Ringette Canada provides technical and administrative oversight of the NRL as well as technical leadership for the program. Technical and administrative standards associated within the league aim to provide athletes with a quality sport experience which ensures a safe, welcoming, and developmentally appropriate training and competition environment for all participants.


Athletes playing in the NRL train at a standard equal to or greater than that of Train to Compete athletes, as described in Ringette Canada’s Long-Term Athlete Development Model. Please visit Long-Term Ringette Development for important and relevant information. Teams are committed to providing a daily training environment which supports athletes in this stage of development, while ultimately striving to develop an environment which can support training to win athletes, independently of the National Team program by 2025.

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